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Havas Lemz

Let's use creativity as a force for good.

Welcome to Havas Lemz

We love to use our creativity as a force for good. We harness the transformative power of creativity to help companies combine profitability and real impact. Providing vision and consistency across the be – do – say of a brand, we create strategies, designs, campaigns, and movements that inspire change.

Our B Corp designation underpins our commitment to make this world a more just and inclusive place through communication.

Regreening AfricaRegreening Africa

Regreening Africa

Justdiggit is on a mission to regreen Africa. With global warming moving in fast, we needed to speed up and think bigger. So, we built a movement of millions and turned this local NGO brand into a global icon for regreening. A badge of honor you want to wear with pride. This new lifestyle identity connects farmers in Africa to the new generation in Europe. Because regreening is done together.

Kamer van Koophandel

The Comeback Line

We helped the KVK (Chamber of Commerce) shift from trade register to service provider for entrepreneurs. In line with this repositioning and breaking the taboo around financial problems, the KVK launched a 24h helpline for entrepreneurs in need of support. To inspire others to ask for help, famous entrepreneurs share their ‘comeback’ stories. The campaign generated media attention and the comeback line managed to help a staggering numbers of callers.


Customisation for your eyes

We launched Pearle's new positioning: 'Customisation for your eyes'. ('Maatwerk voor jouw ogen'). The new brand story reinforces Pearle's mission to give as many people as possible access to optimal vision and healthy eyes. Research showed us people are positively surprised by Pearle’s expertise and customer-friendliness, so it was time to update Pearle’s brand image. Optimal vision requires expert and personal advice, which is always tailor-made. The story is told through the eyes of the optician. She shows that it's all about customisation: from careful eye measurement to choosing the right lenses and the best-fitting frame. And always within the limits of your personal budget.


What matters to you?

Care gets better with a simple question: what matters to you? We are helping health insurer CZ to use this person-centered approach to improve care for their customers and the Netherlands as a whole. With an empowering campaign, commitment to personal service and innovation for care that goes beyond the expected.


The brilliance of Bolletje

To build the bakery brand Bolletje, we've created a remarkably colorful world in which we meet Bolletje’s baker, Daan. He is a personification of the new logo and embodies the ingenuity of the brand. Daan knows exactly what you need today and has more ideas up his sleeve. That's how he makes every day a little brighter and more nutritious with his ingenious recipes.


The invisible made visible

We helped the Lung Foundation to broaden their focus from taking care for 1 million patients to mobilizing all 17 mio Dutch to fight for healthy air and healthy lungs. Since the air in The Netherlands is unhealthier than people think, we made invisible air pollution visible. We mobilized thousands to demand a National Air Plan to improve the air quality.


For a million kinds of beautiful

On their journey to become Norway’s most inclusive brand, Vita partnered with us to make their business more purpose-driven. Vita’s campaign is an ode to imperfections and the beauty of diversity.

Timberland x Kazerne

Building Green Communities

We brought Timberland and community center Kazerne together in an urban greening project to create Jamgarden, a city garden for and by the community to empower creativity and entrepreneurship. Creatives in this Amsterdam neighborhood can come together here, share ideas and host events, driving diversity, entrepreneurship, and a greener future.


Less new, more renew

Renewi, traditionally a waste processor, has recently become more focused on creating raw materials from waste and contributing to sustainability. This campaign invites companies and consumers to help build the circular economy, offering fresh energy and new opportunities.


More human

With mounting pressure on the health care system, Mediq wants to help patients feel human. We involved employees by collecting their stories and building a new brand proposition together. This brand campaign reflects their efforts to improve the system and their search for structural solutions to make a difference to patients’ lives and help them live life to its fullest.

Terre des Hommes


Sweetie is a virtual 10-year-old Filipino girl we created to hunt down men who have webcam sex with children. We went undercover for 8 months, identified 1,000 predators and handed them over to Interpol. Sweetie instantly became world news. Laws were changed. Men were rescued. Children were saved. Sweetie was recognized by D&AD as 1 of the 10 best campaigns of the decade.

Our Clients

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