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We are the media agency of the Amsterdam Village, your business partner in marketing. We set up media campaigns, digital & programmatic services as well as unique, award-winning branded content. We endeavor to make a meaningful difference to businesses, brands, the people we work with and the consumers we reach. We’re a happy and energetic bunch, guided by the principles of collaboration, who are passionate about achieving meaningful results in a world that craves for them.

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A Day With Philips Hue

A Day With Philips Hue

During a pandemic, when people are stuck at home, cultivating a relaxing, enjoyable ambience is key to staying happy. Havas content & partnerships capitalized on this insight for their campaign for Philips Hue Lighting products, highlighting their importance in creating a pleasant environment, by teaming up with artist Typhoon for the release of his new album Lighthouse.

"Light through the eyes of the artist" is a mini documentary on all facets of light and filmed in a special Philips Hue ‘lighthouse’ where Typhoon explains his journey from darkness to light to millions of people during the pandemic, surrounded by Hue hues. We even had his stadium light-plan hooked up to the Spotify album playlist for the occasion, so people would experience his live show lighting preferences at home.


Are you awake?

To increase diversity on Dutch public channels, a new broadcaster came to life under the name ‘Omroep Zwart’ (Broadcaster Black). However, they needed to gather at least 50.000 new members in 100 days... from scratch! So, Havas set up a social media campaign that encouraged people to ‘pass it on’... and the results shocked the Dutch media landscape.

With a no-budget (!) start, this self-financing campaign – a joined-at-the-hip effort with other agencies and outlets – allowed Havas to reach the target in half the time, acquire over half a million euro from the 80% (!) of engaged people that became paying members, an ROI of 1325%, over 100.000 followers on Instagram, 671 press moments and a total media value of 14.5 million euro. A resounding success for diversity if ever there was one.

See it, create it

See it, create it

To make a meaningful difference (as is our mission), Havas x Bison launched “Bison Kids”: a new online platform where children and parents can create challenging crafts together, in a time when creative skills are increasingly lost. That’s important because tinkering is not only fun, but also develops important skills in children that are both useful now and in future career, such as social skills, resolution skills and creativity.

With the Bison Kids platform, the brand has become a publisher of crafting content, while simultaneously enriching the category in a meaningful manner. And as a bonus, the platform creates the opportunity to introduce the endless possibilities of the Bison Junior and Bison product line. The content formula has even led to to new collaborations with craft departments within Dutch museums!

Seduce your senses

Seduce your senses

L'OR Espresso, is known for good quality coffee and espresso and an unmissable staple of Dutch supermarkets. Yet consumers often still view the French "gold" brand as inaccessible. How can we shift this image? Research shows that engaging the key senses "taste & smell" are the most important step towards enticing consumers. So, we made a video campaign: A culinary collaboration with Dutch star chef – and huge coffee lover – Joris Bijdendijk.

By distributing his special dishes and accompanying recipes with an emphasis on coffee, through a host of lifestyle titles, social channels, and food influencer vlog 'Uit Pauline's keuken', we inspire and activate coffee lovers to start experimenting themselves… which they did in droves, with a reach of 12.5 million and a significant increase of 37% in the brand statement 'L'OR is an accessible brand'.


Less new, more renew

Renewi, traditionally a waste processor, has recently become more focused on creating raw materials from waste and contributing to sustainability. This campaign invites companies and consumers to help build the circular economy, offering fresh energy and new opportunities.


The brilliance of Bolletje

To build the bakery brand Bolletje, we've created a remarkably colorful world in which we meet Bolletje’s baker, Daan. He is a personification of the new logo and embodies the ingenuity of the brand. Daan knows exactly what you need today and has more ideas up his sleeve. That's how he makes every day a little brighter and more nutritious with his ingenious recipes.


What matters to you?

Care gets better with a simple question: what matters to you? We are helping health insurer CZ to use this person-centered approach to improve care for their customers and the Netherlands as a whole. With an empowering campaign, commitment to personal service and innovation for care that goes beyond the expected.

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